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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We offer multiple services from tyre repair to buying scrap tyre and selling new tyres. Services are custom developed depending on the customer requirements & problems faced. Customers can call us and understand more about the services offered besides the stated below. 

Tyre Repair Work

TNT repair tyre with state-of-the-art machinery and self-developed tool based on requirements. We have facilities for all types of tyre design i.e. Nylon, Radial, Tube & Tubeless tyres. 

TNT uses high-quality patches, filling materials & chemicals directly sourced from the manufacturers, with proper machinery and process to provide customers with reliable tyres for the longer run. Helping them enhance tyre life with better returns and less wastage. 

Stacked Tires

Buy Scrap Tyre

TNT buys scrap tyre of all sizes, providing customers with the best value for their tyres. With pick-up at the customer site with no hassles. 

TNT processes the tyre with utmost regard to the environment and further provides the processed materials used in rubber industries. Helping customers with maintaining their cause and commitment to the environment. 

Scrap Buy

Tyre Health Report

TNT provides customers with on & off-site tyre health reports. With stats like NSD, Mechanical defects, Operational issues, and running condition analysis. Helping customers take better decisions to improve tyre efficiency and mileage with the least failures in-service.

Tyre condition analysis helps customer to understand the probable cause of the tyre defects with recommended solutions to resolve it.  

Care Tire
Health Report
erp tool.PNG

Tyre Management System

TNT Provides tyre management system for fleet owners to manage day-to-day activities related to managing bulk numbers of tyres. The system logs all the essential stats on a digital platform and provides real-time input to fleet owners to take reliable decisions. 

This system helps lessen the burden of tyres management for customers and focus on their business & expertise. 

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