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Tyre N Tyre (TNT)
One Stop Solution for Tyre

Tyre N Tyre (TNT) is an ISO 9001:2015 company.

Total Retreading Solutions unit started under the franchise of Elgi Rubber Co. (Elgitread) established in 1997 at Balasore (Odisha). Currently sourcing high-quality retreading material from 12+ vendors across the country in the likes of Eastern, PAL, Indag, JK & more. 

The re-treaded tyres are remanufacturing of tyres & 100% recycling. Cost 30% compared to new tyres with 80% mileage efficiency, further 60% saving of petrochemical oils with zero waste to dump yard (landfills).


TNT brings 21+ years of tyre retreading and repair expertise with more than a million tyre resoled with custom make solutions for each customer. 


In TNT, we believe in long-term relationships with our customers, as they are the backbone of whatever we do. We closely listen to our customer's needs & requirements and are always flexible to adapt to customer wants. 


TNT brings with it 21+ years of tyre retreading, processing, and managing. We always strive hard to bring better products and solutions to our customers with the help of year-long expertise. 


TNT highly believes in the right accountability. We are always true to our customers in terms of our competencies, on what can or cannot be delivered. Helping us be more reliable & honest in whatever we intend to achieve. 

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

Our Mission is very brief and straight forward as stated below;

100% Tyre Recycling,
0% to Landfills

Where as our Vision is as stated; 

"To become the complete tyre solutions
provider for vehicle owners with quality &
reliable products at a reasonable cost"

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